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15th January 2013

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Link to my column.

3 pieces up so far. I’ll bother you when there are more (soon. soon.)


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16th July 2012

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Got ninety-six tears in my ninety-six eyes.

“I say, ‘buzz-buzz-buzz,’ and it’s just be-cuzz.”

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22nd June 2012

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This is upsetting in so many ways you guys.


Just in case that new song with Rick Ross had briefly tricked you into thinking that Nasir is someone who is or has ever been anywhere close to sanity, here is some recently leaked footage detailing the making of the Jay-Z robot that God’s Son had intended to unveil - and hang - during his aborted Summer Jam ‘02 set.

14th June 2012

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While jogging yesterday

While jogging yesterday

4th June 2012

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Hey that’s me!


MaxFunCon | Lake Arrowhead, CA | 06.02.12 Maria Bamford’s Stand Up Workshop
(yes, that is Kamau)

Hey that’s me!


MaxFunCon | Lake Arrowhead, CA | 06.02.12

Maria Bamford’s Stand Up Workshop

(yes, that is Kamau)

28th May 2012

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If this was an American movie, it would star Jason Segal and I would watch half of it on tv one afternoon. But it’s made in India and I want to watch it twice.

If this was an American movie, it would star Jason Segal and I would watch half of it on tv one afternoon. But it’s made in India and I want to watch it twice.

12th March 2012

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If you missed last week’s Comedy Bang! Bang! preview, watch it here on your computer, the most popular and worst place to watch things!

28th February 2012


Look at this Milhouse


I honestly can’t decide what part of this is the grossest. Here are some options:

1.) The look on the guy’s face

2.) The fact that he’s writing an article about having pants fun with a “normal” in his Sonic the Hedgehog-themed apartment just to see if he could.

3.) His Glee haircut

4.) The fact that this got published, even if it’s just on cruddy ol’ Kotaku

5.) “Once you get tied down everything starts looking more and more like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.” Has this guy had more than one serious relationship ever? Probably not many.

6.) I’m not even going to look at the comments.

Oh wait I found it. It’s there at the bottom

7.) [Editor’s Note: We’ve taken some heat for this story. Some didn’t find it funny. To that I expect condemnation only for our taste. But to those who feel the story supported a view that our readers are all straight, male gamers, I do apologize. I should have caught that in the editing process of what was intended to be a light, humorous story. No article on this site should make you feel that you don’t count as a gamer. If this article made you feel that way, I apologize. That’s not on Kris, who was simply trying to entertain our readers. That’s on me. -Stephen Totilo, Editor-in-Chief, Kotaku.com ]

13th February 2012

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Here’s an actual factual email I got.

Jan 28
to submit

Cats have been eating people since at least when I was born [1980]. If you
live with cats, they will most likely eat you at some point after your
death. If you are curious which one, please submit your cats to:


If you would like to vote or comment on what other peoples’ cats will eat
them first, you may visit:


Thank you for the limited time you have left—Chris

6th February 2012

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Why oh why am I obsessed with the Paul Reiser show?

There aren’t even episodes of it up on youtube. There are episodes of V.I.P. up on youtube.  Did anyone besides me even watch the damn thing?


In case you missed it, which you did, It was basically Curb Your Enthusiasm except with Paul Reiser.  And he has kids.  And Andy Daley was in it, not doing the kind of intensely bizarre character work that he excels at (NSFW audio).  But still. Dude’s gotta eat. I’m not mad at him.  I’m not mad at anyone!

The second episode featured Henry Rollins as Henry Rollins, who’s kid goes to school with Paul Reiser’s kids. And Henry Rollins is mad at Paul Reiser! Oh no!  And then it got cancelled.  Two episodes.  It barely happened, in TV-years. V.I.P. had 4 whole seasons! Also episode one actually ended like this.

For such a blip on the pop culture radar, it really made me ask a lot of questions. Most of them boil down to “why?” There are so many decisions that go into making a TV show. What happened? (OK I guess one of them started with “what.”)  This show is baffling.  Paul Reiser managed to get this entire TV show off the ground, and it’s essentially a vanity project where he pretended to be Larry David, who I’m assuming is one of his major influences.  This is a thing that happened. 

Also I just learned this tidbit from Todd VanDerWerff:

Tonight’s episode, which goes out of its way to set up just who Reiser is in this show’s universe and how that Reiser intersects with our Reiser AND tries to set him up as a cranky curmudgeon, very much feels like a pilot for this show. In particular, the moment when Larry David suggests to Reiser that he should get his own show like Curb Your Enthusiasm feels like a sly wink at what we’ve been seeing. It’s weird, then, to see the show’s fourth episode (airing May 5) and realize that this is ACTUALLY the show’s pilot. Paul meets a character he’s already talked to as an old friend in two earlier episodes, the show ladles on exposition about who all of the people in his life are, and some of the sets and actors are different. It’s the most blatant case of a pilot being shifted to later in the order I’ve seen in ages, and it only contributes to the overall sense that this is a sitcom produced by aliens who have observed our Earth traditions and wish to recreate them.